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Commercial Video Training For Blender


I'm currently working on some commercial video training.

The first one will be a special project oriented training kit for 3D artists coming from other 3D programs who want to get familiar with Blender very quickly. This video tutorial kit will contain a quick overview of Blender's interface, how to set up Blender's mouse and keyboard shortcuts to get the "Maya style navigation" most 3D artists are used to (I've done a video on that back in 2014 but this training kit will contain an updated version of this setup process). After that I'm going to lead you through the process of a little project where you learn about Blender's basic modelling tool set, I'm going to show how to UV unwrap your model, we'll be doing some basic sculpting, you'll learn how to use nodes & materials in Cycles and texture painting. Finally we are going to setup some lighting and render the whole scene in Cycles and I'm going to show you some basic image manipulation with Blender's own compositing tool set.